What are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating laid

We’re often asked about underfloor heating here at Great Rads, as it’s increasing in popularity and is fast becoming a household feature for homeowners across the UK. The technology behind underfloor heating has come a long way even in the last few years and with these developments we’ve seen prices lower and options become easier to install – so they’re now more accessible than ever.

When it comes to the discussion around why underfloor heating is a suitable heating option, the impact of it is often underestimated. The benefits of underfloor heating are varied and vast, and using underfloor heating throughout a home can entirely transform the look and feel.

Underfloor heating comes in two forms, and the most common is ‘dry’. Dry underfloor heating works by laying mesh-type mats with heating roads threaded through them under a floor’s surface. As the mat heats, the hot air rises through the flooring and upward through the room. Such underfloor heating mats are available in varying sizes through Great Rads.

Why Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating has several benefits above and beyond standard radiators, which along with its competitive price, has seen it become mainstream. These include, but are by no means limited to:

Easy installation

Underfloor heating can be installed by any competent DIY’er and need not require a specialist team; unless there is a particularly complicated floor or set-up to be managed. Heating mats are simply rolled out across the space required and linked up to the infrastructure of the home, then covered with the flooring. A whole room can have underfloor heating installed in just a few hours, so disruption is minimal; especially when you compare it to more traditional heating systems. With some DIY methods available for installation, we do recommend speaking with a professional plumber or heating engineer for advice.

Energy efficiency

The even distribution of heat across a large surface space gives an efficient and effective heat spread without cold spots or the need to continually re-heat. As such, underfloor heating is considered extremely energy efficient. If a whole house or exceptionally large space is to be covered with underfloor heating, there are further efficiency measures that can be put in place; including heat pumps and custom pipe design.

Minimal maintenance

We all know we have to bleed our radiators every year and dust behind them as often as possible, but how much do we really do it? If installation is done properly, there should be no need to pull up the floor for cleaning: saving on time, effort and cost.

High air quality

Households including people suffering with an allergy and/or asthma can find that traditional convection heating affects the air quality inside the home. Underfloor heating limits the air flow and so can be the ideal solution for cleaner, easier-to-breathe air. There are even specific underfloor heating mats that use infrared technology rather than airflow for the best possible air quality.

Underfloor Heating Efficiency

Although underfloor eating does offer comfortable and ambient temperatures, it actually functions at considerably lower temperatures than traditional convection radiators. Standard radiators need to heat to between 65-75 degrees celsius in order to heat a room effectively (dependent on room size, existing room temperature, radiator type, etc). Underfloor heating however, runs to about 29-31 degrees celsius to effectively spread heat through a floor. The lesser heat requirement means less energy is consumed, increasing efficiency and lowering heating bills. As a result, underfloor heating efficiency is often a contributing factor to a homeowner’s purchase decision toward it.

When it comes to paying the bills, underfloor heating running costs tend to be on average 15% cheaper than those from traditional central heating systems – because they run at a lower temperature and need to be turned on for less time to maintain an ambient heat. When compared with the relatively low cost of buying and installing underfloor heating, it’s easy to see why so many people are opting for underfloor options over wall-mounted radiators!

We know our name is Great Rads, but we specialise in heating of all types including underfloor heating. Our range of underfloor heating solutions give options to most household budgets. Underfloor heating mats come in a variety of sizes and types, and if you need any help on navigating the range and judging what works for your space, just get in touch. There’s no floor too big or too small to heat from underneath and we have infrared technology too for super clean hypoallergenic air.

All things considered, it’s really no surprise that more of us are opting for underfloor heating than ever, and what’s not to like? It’s like an everyday little luxury throughout your home, keeping those cold early mornings friendly for bare feet.

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