What is a Smart Metre and Do I Need One?

Smart metres have become commonplace in many households. In fact, many energy companies are giving out smart metres for free in a bid to help us keep a tab on our bills. The smart metre has become one of the most recent ways for us to keep a tab on our energy and is designed to help keep your compact radiators working as efficiently as possible.

But when it comes to central heating, are there other ways to keep a tab on your bills? Or is it that the smart metre reigns supreme? Below are some of the pros and cons of the smart metre, and some of the reasons you may love them, and hate them.

What is Smart Metre?

A smart metre is a device that is linked up to your boiler and helps you to keep a tab on your energy bills. This is done through a screen showing you your homes energy consumption and the money that this amounts to on a daily basis. Small and compact, the energy metre retains data and allows you to get an overview on a week by week and monthly basis as well.

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How do you use a smart metre?

Smart Metres are controlled through buttons at the bottom of the large colour LED screen. These allow you to sift through data in kilowatts and in the currency of your country. The screen itself shows you how much you have spent per day as well.

Positives of a smart metre

So is a smart metre worth getting? What can it do for your home, and do they really save you money?

More information

Put simply, the smart metre gives you a chance to read hour by hour data on your energy consumption as you go through the day. This means that you can maintain a healthy energy bill and ensures that even the least literate person in your home can understand the data collated.

Simply put

And all of this is simply rendered. There are no ways you can misconstrue the data presented to you when reading off of a smart metre. Whether you have a decorative radiator or an electric model, you’ll be able to see how your new heating unit is affecting your daily energy consumption.

Has the ability to save you money

With the simple readings, you can assess for yourself how your home’s heating and insulation are faring against the money your spending on it. You can compare and contrast the readings with the room heating requirements calculated by your BTU calculator UK, and can theoretically help you correct any anomalies. If your readings seem off, then it might be because of shoddy insulation or badly running radiators, and you can rectify this through upgrades.

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Puts the power in your hands

This then can help you to have more agency over your heating bills. With day by day information, you’ll be able to tell whether your home is as efficient as it can be.

Negatives of a smart metre

What are the arguments against a smart metre? Are there any problems that can arise when using one and do they really save you money?

Doesn’t actually do anything

Installing a smart metre in your home won’t actually change anything. It’s the action you take on reading the data it presents to you that really matters. When it comes to working out if the smart metre really saves you money, the real question we should be asking, is how many people act on the data it presents?

Can be prone to glitches

As with any piece of electrically driven, internet-connected equipment, the smart metre can be prone to problems. If you have bad internet connectivity, then the smart metre won’t work and computer viruses can also affect your device due to its use of stored data.

On that note, the smart metre stores your data, which can be viewed by third parties so you need to be prepared for your data being used in surveys without your knowledge.

Should I get one?

In conclusion, it never hurts to get a smart metre. After all, they are free and can help you to save money on your energy bills!

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