What Is Underfloor Heating and How Do I Install It?

Underfloor heating systems are becoming an increasingly popular home heating method.


With its subtle and comforting heating methods, it has shown many homes that there is an alternative to the everyday radiator. With a wide range of benefits, there are more than enough reasons to invest in this handy home heating hack. Whatever your needs, underfloor heating is fast catching up to radiators as the go-to choice for heating systems. Here are some of the reasons why we are so excited about underfloor heating.


Why Invest in UFH?

The popularity of UFH is down to a fair few factors. With homes continuing to look for new ways to upgrade their heating, UFH is fast becoming one of the best alternatives.


Space Saving

For starters, UFH takes up very little space. With even the slimmest radiator taking up a lot of surface area in your property, underfloor heating has become the most spatially efficient. The reason for this is in the name. It is installed under the floor, and this means that you don’t have to worry about the lack of space in areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen. The kitchen and bathroom especially, are parts of the home that are want for extra space, due to the large number of appliances in these rooms which use a lot of it up.



Heat rises, radiating from the top of a heating unit and circulating through a room. Underfloor heating capitalises on this science by installing the heat output at the lowest it can, under the floor. This makes sure that heat can radiate through the room as efficiently as possible.



Remember that feeling when you get out of the bath and you’re greeted by a warm towel from your newly installed towel rail? Well, underfloor heating goes a step further. As soon as you get out of the bath, or walk barefoot anywhere in your home where it’s installed, you’ll instantly be faced with a luxurious warmth under your feet. Say goodbye to the sharp shock of cold tiles and hello to the warming embrace of the underfloor heating unit.


How to Install Underfloor Heating

How should you install your underfloor heating? Is it a job that you can do yourself? Or is it a job which must be left to professionals? Here are a few of the options for you and your underfloor heating installation.


Prepare your room

Get rid of any rubbish or detritus in the room in which you will be preparing the underfloor heating. This will ensure that you have all the space you need and with minimum fuss.


Cut the Matting

After measuring the size of  the area you will working with, cut the matting to the size it’s needed and attach it to the insulation.


Fit the Matting

Fit the matting in the spaces where it is needed most. Ensure that you are not installing it in unnecessary spaces, such as behind cabinets or furniture.


Position the Insulation

Position your insulation with the matting so that it guarantees heat in places it is most needed. This means the majority of the floor space where people walk and not under wash basins or furniture. This will ensure the maximum amount of heat radiated through the room and not exceed the required BTU output.


Lay the Flooring and Tiles

After you have set up the matting and insulation, place tiles back onto the floor.


Get an Expert to Prepare the Electric

An expert should be hired to prepare the electrics of your room. All electric underfloor heating should be installed by a professional.


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