What to Consider When Buying an Anthracite Radiator

There's no doubt the anthracite radiator is the designer's choice when upgrading or updating the look of a home. The colour, a dark grey, is obviously a neutral one, so will match almost any palette colour of the interior. Styles range from modern flat panel all the way to more elaborate designs; and even ‘antique’ for a more traditional look. But above all, these radiators act as brilliant heat conductors, providing a cosy, efficient warmth during the colder months.

Anthracite radiators are unique when compared to other types of radiators because of their unusual design. You can find several different models of anthracite radiator, many with the same functionality. This means the one you choose is often down to its appearance.

What is meant by anthracite?

Anthracite is a fossil fuel. Known as 'hard coal'. It has the highest carbon content and acts as a brilliant heat conductor. However, we're concentrating on the overall finish of the radiator, which can be both aluminium (lightweight but durable), and steel.

Here is a breakdown of the various styles of anthracite radiators you can find on the market:

Column (Vertical and horizontal)

Column radiators are almost certainly the most famous type out there. They retain the beloved tubular design, with a classy and contemporary shade of grey coating the exterior. Column anthracite radiators work just as well as any other column radiator, and vertical and horizontal models are available. No matter what, they can blend perfectly with the rest of the home and bring the traditional build to the present day.


At a glance, oval anthracite radiators may look exactly the same as column radiators. Anyone expecting columns curved into an elliptical shape may be confused by the name. They need to take a closer look to see that each column is an oval tube.

This subtle touch works well. It can create a greater visual impact and stand out from other models. Anthracite radiators already look great with their unique finish, but the detail of an oval tube can make it even more chic and stylish.


Flat-panel anthracite radiators do away with the tube-based look, creating a new tradition in the process. Instead of visible pipes curving out of the wall and floor, they feature boards. The additional surface area allows for greater radiation throughout the home.

Flat panels offer more benefits. They are generally much slimmer and can be hung from walls giving a fresh, sleek look without being intrusive. Both aspects give homeowners more freedom with their decoration and set-up. The anthracite finish only serves to complement a thoroughly modern design making the homeowner the envy of friends.

Double Panel

Some anthracite radiators have just the one flat panel on the front, concealing a standard heating system. Others, known as double panel types, make use of two panels. One is flat and designed to emit heat while looking stylish. The other rests on the wall, with a hollowed area between them to hold and warm up the water.

Double panel heaters can provide heat to a much larger area than their flat-panel counterparts. They are also generally more compact than other kinds of heaters. Perfect for the larger living space.


For towel radiators there are options available incorporating panels instead of tubes, complete with the anthracite finish. Note that the finish does not come off, even with all the bathroom steam and moisture.

Anthracite radiators are a wonderful addition to the home. No more do radiators need to be bland and boring things so often ignored by visitors. Anthracite radiators can make the heating system a feature of your home; ornamental, a talking point even. The discerning home improver no longer wants 'dull'. Many people are now spending more time in our houses than ever before due to the luxuries we have to hand in our living spaces. We entertain at home, eat more at home; spend most of our lives in our cosy homes. That is why homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to optimise every aspect of their house, not only through efficiency but also design and aesthetics. With the radiators available today there is no need to settle for purely functional, instead, go for style.

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