Which Towel Radiator Valves Do You Need?

Towel radiator valve

When designing and refurbishing a bathroom, very few of us will be concerned at the outset with the issue of towel radiator valves. However, while it may sound like a small aspect, it is good not to overlook it which can be so easily done. The reason being is that knowing which valve you can have or which valve will work in the space in your room, can materially affect what towel radiator you finally choose. For that reason, we outline what towel radiator valves there are on the market and what towel rail valves do to begin with.

Towel Rail Valves Explained

Towel rail valves are an essential part of a radiator and how a towel radiator works. They help pump water through the radiator so that it can heat up efficiently to emit heat into your room. They do so by controlling the amount of water that flows into your radiator unit, but how they do so varies, depending on what type of valve you have. Not all valves will work with every single towel radiator out there, so it's important that you a) buy towel radiator valves that are compatible with your chosen design b) you choose a radiator whose design can access the pipework with a valve attached in your home.

What Type of Towel Radiator Valves Are There?

There are a handful of different types of towel radiator valves. The most common being angled towel radiator valves and straight towel radiator valves. However, there are also valves called H-Block valves, corner radiator valves and manual radiator valves.

Angled Towel Radiator Valves

Angled towel radiator valves are one of the most common radiator valves out there as it allows what is most often needed in UK bathrooms. By using a towel radiator valve, you can connect your radiator with the adjoining pipework behind it at an angle. It's popular because adjoining the radiator and the pipework in this way means that less pipework is usually needed to connect the radiator into the central heating system.

Straight Towel Radiator Valves

In comparison to an angled towel radiator valve, this straight valve does not make water flow around any bends into the radiator. It simply lets water flow through straight from the adjoining pipework to the radiator itself. For that reason, they can be used when adjoining a radiator to pipework directly up from underneath the bathroom floor or any pipes that are at the base of a bathroom wall.

H-block Towel Radiator Valves

H block towel radiator valves, though not as common as angled or straight valves, are popular with those who buy them as they are so easy to install. As suggested in the name, they create an H when adding a radiator to the necessary pipework. They can be used if a radiator needs to be fixed from the middle or on its bottom edge. They're popular as well when a room is small as they do not need much space thanks to being within the outer edges of the radiator itself.

Corner Radiator Valves

Corner radiator valves are one of the 'neatest' valves available. They allow radiators to be fixed to pipework without the valve itself being seen as they are hidden behind the radiator itself. While they look great, you still need to ensure that once attached, you can access the valve should you need to for radiator maintenance.

Manual Radiator Valves

Finally, manual radiator valves can actually be either angled or straight towel radiator valves. However, they are a separate sort because they also allow users to turn the radiator off and on manually, without having to turn off the rest of the central heating system.

Straight or Angled Valves for a Towel Radiator?

Knowing whether to use straight or angled valves for a towel radiator is tricky if you have not refurbished a bathroom before or fitted a new radiator. It is therefore highly beneficial to seek the advice of a professional who has installed radiators time and time again. In doing so, he or she will be able to indicate to you what the best valve is for your situation and your room. They'll know immediately what will be the most effective and efficient valve for your radiator.

Picking what valve to use for a new radiator in your bathroom may sound like a small job, but it does take some technical prowess. Understanding how they work is therefore key, as well as knowing how your towel radiator should fit to your home's pipework. Contact GreatRads today to find the best solution for you and your bathroom. It may sound like a small decision, but it is not one that you want to get wrong either.

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