Which Type of Radiator Is Best for Me?

There are so many radiators on the market today that it can be hard to decide which type is right for you. Not only are there aesthetics to think about, but there’s practicality to factor in as well.

Each home and room is unique and has different needs, accounting for insulation, the number of residents in the household, and the function of each room. As you can imagine, radiators for bathrooms can serve a slightly different function than kitchen radiators.

Struggling to pin down exactly what type of radiator you need? That’s why we’ve created a guide to the different types of radiators, ensuring that every radiator you purchase fulfils your property’s heating needs. A radiator is an investment and takes some time to install. Practically speaking then, you want your radiator to last a long time and have the desired effect for your property. With so many to choose from, it’s crucial that you know what you’re looking for.

Dual Fuel for Flexibility

Dual fuel radiators give you the ultimate in heating flexibility. With the flick of a switch, your dual fuel radiator can swap between central heating and electric power, making it perfect for those radiators in unique parts of the house.

With bathroom radiators being used more irregularly than other rooms, and often separate in its heating needs from the rest of the home, a dual fuel radiator allows you to heat a space without affecting the other rooms that may not need heating.

Electric for Total Control

You could set aside central heating radiators completely and opt for electric radiators. These use only electricity to heat the unit, meaning that you can turn it on and off whenever you like,. With electric radiators working independently from the rest of the central heating system, you can ensure that warmth is utilised only in the spaces it’s needed in.

Horizontal for Classic Aesthetics

Horizontal Designer Radiator

The default radiator for most homes; horizontal radiators, can still be unique. With column designs, panel radiators and many others to choose from, the horizontal radiator can be as striking or subtle as you like, all whilst retaining that classic look.

Vertical for Space Economy 

Vertical Designer Radiators

Vertical radiators are the ultimate space-saving solution, meaning that the space-starved home or room can still get optimum warmth without having to give up that picture frame or shelving unit. Vertical radiators are often used in bathrooms and kitchens, where utilities such as baths, toasters and fridges tend to take up a lot of wall space.

Double Panel for That Extra Heating Punch

Double panelled radiators take up more width, tending to add an extra half-inch or so to the radiator but also mean your unit is doubled in its heat output. Central heating radiators distribute heat through hot water being pressured through the hollowed-out panels, so it’s only logical that an extra panel will up your BTU output. These radiators are great for larger, hard to heat spaces.

A Finish for Extra Protection

Adding a finish to your radiator not only adds extra protection for your radiator but imbibes it with fresh personality and a look to suit your interior. From chrome and anthracite to polished or brushed steel, an extra finish takes nothing away from the efficiency of your radiator but adds a touch of style.

Towel Warmer for a Tidy Bathroom

As mentioned before, vertical heating units are often utilised in the bathroom and in the kitchen due to their space-saving qualities. It’s only practical then, that a space-starved room's radiator double up as storage as well. Many bathroom radiators are kitted out with columns or a rail, giving you a place to hang and dry your towel, bringing warmth to more than just a room. 

Cast Iron for That Classic Look

Cast Iron Radiators

Aesthetics are important for any home, and investing in a radiator means that it’ll be a feature of yours for at least a decade. For an extra embellishment to your classically furnished property, a cast iron radiator brings a vintage feel that can be further personalised by prints, patterns and handcrafted models.

RAL Colours for a Personalised Look

If your tastes are a little more on the modern side, then the wide range of RAL coloured radiators available at Great Rads means that you have the whole colour spectrum at your disposal. With no effect on the efficiency of your radiator, you can have it painted to stand out or blend into the colour palette of your home.

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