Why Aluminium Radiators Are the Eco-Friendly Option

Saving on our energy bills and emissions are top priority these days. Here’s why aluminium radiators could make all the difference.


Aluminium radiators are becoming ever more prevalent in day to day radiator manufacture. With so many different radiator materials to choose from, the aluminium radiator is always at the top of peoples lists. Almost every radiator company in the UK sells them, and for good reason too. From designer radiators to every day heating units, aluminium has proved to be stylish, efficient and great value. To really get to grips with what your aluminium radiator could offer your home, it is a good idea to explore what exactly makes them stand out from the crowd.


Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium is one of the most abundant elements in the earth, making up about 8% of the earths crust. Its high presence in the earth makes it easy to find and mine, and for less of the cost than a lot of other elements. However, rarely is aluminium found in its purest form, instead you find traces of the element in other rocks, meaning that it must be extracted through chemical processes. Regardless, aluminium remains cheap to cultivate, and is present in products as wide ranging as aeroplanes, crisp packets and drink cans.



One of the main elements which makes aluminium radiator’s so alluring is that it is incredibly lightweight. This is very beneficial for those wishing to self-install, allowing you to save money on transport and maintenance. This is why many of our aluminium radiators are left to you to install and can be picked up or delivered straight to your door with no hassle at all.


Quick to Heat Up

Aluminium is highly conductive, meaning that its atoms heat up incredible quickly. This makes it the perfect material for those short sharp bursts of heat to a room. Even the biggest aluminium radiator will have heated up in very little time and will be able to start heating a room mere minutes after being turned on.


Environmental Benefits

Another reason for the popularity of aluminium radiators is that they are more environmentally friendly than many other materials. The evidence of this is multifaceted, there being several interlinking reasons for aluminium radiators increasing spotlight in the eco-friendly world. Below are some of the main reasons they have become so popular.


Low Temperature Heating Systems

Low temperature heating systems are central heating systems which use lower temperature water from the ground, such as ground source heat pumps. These use less water than other heating outputs, and due to aluminium radiators low water content, they suit this form of eco-friendly and efficient heating far better than other radiators do.


Quicker Heat Transfer

One of the reasons why aluminium radiators have low water content, is that they don’t need any more. This is on account of their quick heat transfer, meaning that they quickly generate heat and distribute it throughout a room. This quick heat output makes aluminium radiators the perfect radiator for short bursts of warmth into a room, helping the temperature change in very short amounts of time.


High Conductivity

Aluminium is highly conductive, so much so that it could save you 5% - 10% on your annual heating bills. This means that less energy is used in heating up the radiator units, having a knock-on effect, or more to the point less effect on the environment.


Made from Recycled Materials

As mentioned above, aluminium radiators are often made from recycled materials. That’s one of the great things about the metal, it is multi-functional and can be reintegrated into products even if it has been used countless times before.


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