Why buy column radiators

Till date column radiators continue to mark a marvellous impression with their presence in the markets as well as at homes. They have the potential to provide a classic look to the elegant interiors of your home. Furthermore, they have the capacity to offer an excellent look to your office premises as well.

The main reason for this is that column radiators have a distinctive appeal which makes it stand out from the clutter. The name itself defines the appeal. Due to this exceptional appearance, the radiator has the ability to distribute heat through all individual segments. Thereby it successfully maintains a warm atmosphere across the room. The main reason why one should intend to purchase column radiators include:

  • Style

Column radiators are a unique combination of traditional and modern radiators. Besides, they give an excellent look to all kinds of homes. Irrespective of whether your house is highly furnished or not this radiator can give it an enviable look, which nobody can ignore.

The design of the radiator adds a nostalgic feel, which is quite appreciated in the last few years.

  • Ceiling

In case you live in a gigantic house, there is a strong possibility that the distance between the ceiling and flooring is going to be quite huge. All types of radiators may not look good in such an enormous gap. However, column radiators can be impeccably fit in such spots.

Besides, this radiator has the ability to facilitate immense amount of warmth required for such huge space. You cannot expect all radiators to offer you the same kind of heat output. Furthermore, they are often compared to panel radiators but in reality column radiators have the potential to offer more heat than panel radiators. The main reason for this is that column radiators have larger surface space in comparison to panel radiators.

  • Positioning 

Column radiators can be installed in two positions that is either vertical or horizontal. This makes them all the more lucrative as they can be fitted in any available space.


If you have a huge window, you can simply install horizontal column radiators on the wall. They are a more convenient option as they can be easily adjusted everywhere.

  • Versatile

Column radiators are diverse in style and positioning. Furthermore, they are available in various colours, sizes, shapes and materials. When you search for column radiators you are likely to view unique colours from a simple plain white to RAL colours. Perhaps, beautiful hues and over 188 colour options.

Apart from colours, you will find variety in material as well. One can expect column radiators in cast iron to mid steel. It completely depends on your preference which type of material you prefer.

Above all, one is likely to come across curved column radiators, which can be easily installed alongside the windows. Also, the tall vertical column radiators offer an incomparable look to your room. Additionally, the spellbound designs have the ability to grab your heart once they are installed.  They are perfect for home installations and are a completely eye-pleasing sight!

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