Why Vertical Radiators are Great for Kitchens

Looking to revitalise and freshen up your kitchen? Well, adding a vertical radiator could be the perfect solution. After all, the addition of a vertical radiator could completely revolutionise the way that you use and enjoy the space.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at all the reasons why vertical radiators are a great option for your new kitchen. Then, to help inspire you, we’ll take a detailed look at some of the best designer vertical radiators for your kitchen.

Save space

Due to the number of cupboards and storage options required, kitchens often lack horizontal wall space. This can make it difficult to include a horizontal radiator in the design. However, vertical radiators can save you a lot of wall space (they’re often only about a third of the width of a horizontal radiator) and can fit in gaps of almost any size.

For this reason, many people use vertical radiators as space saving radiators in their kitchen, placing them in dead spaces such as the gap between the doorway and the start of the units.

As long as you pick a relatively chunky radiator for a space like this, then you’ll still find that the room gets plenty of heat. After all, you’ll get the same heat output as a horizontal radiator. So, if you’ve been wondering where a radiator could possibly fit in your kitchen, consider how a vertical radiator could open up your options.

Create a modern look

If you’re revamping your kitchen to bring the space into the 21st century, then a vertical radiator can be a great help. This is because vertical radiators are often considered to be much more modern and contemporary than horizontal radiators, which can look a bit more traditional.

Most vertical radiators are slim and tall structures that make the most of a minimal design. Plus, because they use the space differently, they can really catch the eye and create a feature.

A style to suit every kitchen

Due to the fact that vertical radiators are usually considered to be more modern, they’re also available in a range of great finishes. This elevates the radiator from being a functional heating source to something that makes a real statement and looks almost like a piece of art. With chrome, anthracite and mirrored radiators all available, you’re sure to find a style to suit your space.

Our top designer vertical radiators for your kitchen

Nothing adds a sense of style and class to a space like designer radiators do in a kitchen. To help you find the perfect option for your space, here are some of our favourites…

Reina Slimline Vertical Designer Radiator

Reina Slimline Vertical Designer Radiator

The Reina Slimline Vertical Designer Radiator is the perfect space saving radiator for your kitchen. Its slimline design means that it fits snugly against any wall and means that you can really maximise your floor space. Plus, the chrome bar that sits across the radiator is perfect for adding a sense of uniqueness and works perfectly as a towel rail.

Although it’s available in a number of colours, we think that the white finish is perfect for creating a contemporary look. Plus, it’s available in a great variety of sizes ranging from 470 x 300 all the way to 1770 x 500. So, whether you’re searching for small vertical radiators for your kitchen or something far larger, the Reina Slimline Vertical Designer Radiator is perfect.

Reina Neva Vertical Chrome Radiator

Reina Neva Vertical Chrome Radiator

Have you been searching for chrome vertical kitchen radiators that will bring a touch of bling to your kitchen? Well, look no further than the Reina Neva Vertical Chrome Radiator. This impressive vertical radiator makes a stunning first impression and will always catch the eye. Although the design is plain and simple, it’s highly elegant and will create a real talking point among your guests.

DQ Cove Designer Radiator with Mirror

DQ Cove Designer Radiator with Mirror

The DQ Cove Designer Radiator with Mirror is one of our most popular vertical kitchen radiators and it’s easy to see why. Thanks to its smooth and sleek design, it fits beautifully in any space. Plus, you have a choice of colours: white or anthracite.

On top of this, not only does it function as a space saving kitchen radiator, but it even maximises light and space, too. This is because the mirrored finish in the middle panel can help to maximise the light in your kitchen and help the space appear even bigger than it actually is.

Supplies 4 Heat Cornel 2 & 3 Column Vertical Radiator

Supplies 4 Heat Cornel 2 & 3 Column Vertical Radiator

Like the space-saving element of a vertical radiator but would like something a little more traditional? Well, the Supplies 4 Heat Cornel 2 & 3 Column Vertical Radiator is perfect. This radiator offers a more modern take on a traditional style that’s popular in old schools and churches. As a result, if you’re updating a period property and would like a traditional finish, then you’ll find this radiator fits right in.

What’s more, this radiator is guaranteed to fit your space. It’s available with either two or three columns and you have a choice of four different sizes.

If you’ve decided that a vertical radiator is perfect for your property, then take a look at our range of designer vertical radiators for kitchens today. Each option can help bring the ‘wow factor’ to your room. If you need a hand, contact us for support.

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