Winter Checklist For Your Home

Depending on where you’re based, winter can hit some harder than others. Regardless of whether you’re expecting to be buried under snow drifts, or simply have to whip out the winter blankets, we’ve got some tips to keep yourselves warmer this winter – and maybe save a few pennies in the process.

#1: Prep-up during Autumn

If you’re hit particularly hard by winter, it’s best to start preparing early. Is your boiler working, is your insulation effective and are your windows double glazed? It’s best to test and upgrade whilst the weather’s still mild, rather than leaving yourself in the cold come winter.

#2: Heating

Your radiators and fire (if you’re lucky enough to have one) may not have been used in a year. It’s worth testing them all out in advance, bleeding them early and making sure you’re ready to heat your home at a moment’s notice come winter. If needed, talk to the experts to see if there are any improvements to be made?

#3: Protect Pipes from Freezing

Although this is something that has improved over the years, pipes are still susceptible to freezing and damage. Burst pipes can cause some serious damage, both financially and physically. It may be worth looking at insulating your pipes to avoid any unexpected issues.

You need to take care of your exterior faucets. If possible, turn off the exterior faucets which supply water inside your home during winter. This works best if you’re going away, particularly for a long period of time, but could save a headache. Finally, drain your plumbing season to ensure it doesn’t freeze.

#4: Doors and Windows

It might seem obvious, but that annoying window that doesn’t quite shut in summer, becomes a serious problem in winter. If you’re experiencing issues, we’d advise getting them repaired sharp, so that you do not have to bear chilly winds inside your house.

Keeping doors and windows closed will also minimise the amount of condensation building up. This will save you time and effort, constantly having to mop it up by cleaning it again and again.

It also might be worth investigating weather-stripping to avoid leakage from doors.

#5: Protect Your Garden

Although typically designed to withstand the elements, porches and garden accessories can still be prone to damage. Managing these areas can be tough in winter, so look into what you can do to make your kit last longer.

With a bit of research, you’ll find there’s plenty of ways to protect your assets, for example covering outside furniture to protect it from bad weather or recoating any decking with fresh sealer.

If you keep your lawn mower in a shed, it might be worth using all the fuel (if it’s liquid) and drain water from your fountains to avoid it freezing and causing damage.

If you have any winter tips that we’ve missed, why not let us know?

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