Your Guide to the Perfect Towel Rail

Towel rails in bathroom

Up until recently, a heated towel rack was considered a luxury item in someone’s home. It was seen as something only the upper class would invest in, or one of the perks of staying at a fancy hotel. Heating technology and design have come a long way in the past decade, making heated towel rails accessible for the majority of us now as well. With many different materials and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect towel rail to suit your budget and needs.

There’s nothing quite like reaching out for a dry, warm towel every time you need one, so use this guide to find the towel radiator of your dreams.

What size towel rail do I need?

Most of the time this will depend on the size of your bathroom. There’s an array of towel rail sizes to choose from so it should be easy to get your hands on one to fit a large family bathroom or even a petite en suite.

Towel rail sizes range from 300mm to 1,900mm in height and 300mm to 1,800mm in width. Measure the wall against which you would like the towel rail to be installed, leaving ample room for pipes and heat output. You should also take into consideration the thickness of the towel rail itself and how far it will stick out from your wall. Our BTU Calculator will help you make this decision. Just add in the dimensions of your room with window information and how much exposure that room gets to obtain your British Thermal Unit (BTU) figure.

It is important to keep in mind that a heated towel rail is not intended to heat your whole room but rather to provide heat to any fabrics that are placed on it. Use towel radiators to dry and heat up towels, wet clothing, socks and bathing suits. You can also place shoes near the towel rack if they need drying out. Keep in mind that delicate clothing and synthetics heat up much quicker and are sensitive to temperatures so don’t leave them on the rail for too long.

If you use your towel rail to hang heavy items like thick duvet covers, jackets or large towels then go for a rail that is large, wide enough and made of strong material to provide ample support to your fabrics. If you simply need to hang a small hand towel or intend to use it for decor and aesthetics, opt for a smaller sized heated towel rail that can act as a chic accessory to your room.

Different types of towel rails

Apart from the size of your towel rail, you can choose what type of finishing you like, what colour goes with your room and also how the towel rail will be powered.

Gas Radiators

Your home might be powered by a gas boiler that is connected to a thermostat through a central heating system. If this is the case then you will need a gas radiator that can be piped into your existing heating system.

Electric Radiators

These types of radiator are powered by your main electric supply and can be turned on or off individually when you want. Electric radiators are a popular choice for people living in flats, shared accommodation and high-rise buildings. Because these are powered by electricity, they can be installed at any time, even after the rest of your house is fitted out or if you move into a space that doesn’t have one.

Dual Fuel Radiators

Dual fuel radiators are also another popular choice for towel rails today and give you the best of both worlds — gas and electric. You can choose which energy source you need at the time of use. This way, even if your central heating system is turned off, such as during the summer months, you can still use your towel rail independently through electricity.

Colours and materials of towel radiators include:

  • Bright nickel
  • White pearl
  • Stainless steel
  • Wooden material like oak or teak
  • Glass-fronted or mirror finish
  • Satin or polished

Make sure to choose your perfect towel rail

Before investing in a heated towel rail, think about what you will use it for and how often. There is no point in installing a radiator in a room that doesn’t get used very often. If you intend to use the radiator to dry your towels daily, remember to switch it off during the summer months or other long periods when you don’t need it. When hanging multiple items on your towel rail, be careful not to overcrowd it as smaller items may get burnt under the weight of heavier ones. Spread towels out to ensure that the whole fabric gets dry and warm equally.

Once you’re ready to browse through our wide variety of towel rails, reach out to our helpful team with any questions for guidance. It’s time to upgrade your towel experience today!

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