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Chrome Towel Radiators

Chrome Towel Rails make a fantastic addition to any bathroom or kitchen. The mirrored finish of chrome really help create the wow factor and will help your towels keep nice and toasty warm! 

All the Chrome Towel Radiators in the Great Rads collection come with free UK delivery.


Towel Radiator - Radox Premier Flat Towel Radiator Save 33%
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Radox Premier Flat Towel Radiator

Carisa Nero Towel Radiator
Reina Florina Designer Towel Radiator - Towel Radiator - Great Rads Ltd. - 2 Save 25%
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Reina Florina Designer Towel Radiator

Towel Radiator - Carisa Floris Towel Radiator
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Radox Linx Designer Towel Radiator

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Roma Altare Towel Radiator

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Roma Venezia Towel Radiator

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Roma Ara Towel Radiator

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Radox Premier Curved Towel Radiator

Roma Castel Towel Radiator Save 40%
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Radox Serpentine Towel Radiator

Towel Radiator - Carisa Frame Towel Radiator
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Radox Aztec Towel Radiator

Towel Radiator - Radox Premier Flat Horizontal Towel Radiator Save 33%
The Radiator Company Poll Towel Radiator Save 23%
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The Radiator Company Poll Towel Radiator

The Radiator Company Griffin Radiator Save 24%
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The Radiator Company Griffin Radiator

Reina Sesia Designer Towel Radiator - Towel Radiator - Great Rads Ltd. - 1 Save 25%
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Reina Sesia Designer Towel Radiator

The Radiator Company Aurelia Towel Radiator Sold out
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DQ Altona Towel Radiator

Supplies 4 Heat Argyll Curved Towel Radiator Save 15%
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Reina Elisa Designer Towel Rail - Towel Radiator - Great Rads Ltd. - 1 Save 25%
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Reina Elisa Designer Towel Rail

Supplies 4 Heat Ashby Towel Radiator Save 15%
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Supplies 4 Heat Ashby Towel Radiator

Chrome Towel Radiators

If you hate getting out of the shower to an icy breeze on a cold winter morning – you’re certainly not alone. How does a warm towel wrapped around you, sound? At Great Rads, we’re not just about heating your home – we’re about the aesthetic, atmosphere and experience of your radiators.

Just as designer radiators add style to your home décor with their presence, similarly towel radiators combine practicality with beauty for your perfect bathroom. Our radiators have provide both the features you’d expect with unparalleled design and efficiency to provide warmth to any room.

Chrome is Unique

Chrome is an abbreviation of ‘chromium’, a glossy and durable metal, widely renowned for the its appearance and conductivity. For those of us with an astute recollection of chemistry, chromium is the 24th chemical element in the periodic table. However, when talking about chrome towel radiators, we’re referring to chrome plated and not solid chrome.

On its own, chrome isn’t particularly useful as it is strong, but brittle, similar to glass. It is best suited to bathroom radiators as it is corrosion-resistant, smooth and polished. It is more appropriate to apply it as an external coat for appliances made from other metals.

Methods of Chrome Plating

There are two main types of chrome plating namely-hard chrome plating and decorative chrome plating. Hard chrome plating is generally used for specific functional purposes and hard for decorative purposes.

Decorative Chrome Plating:

Decorative chrome plating is commonly used for electric towel radiators. The applied chrome layer is exceptionally thin, approximately a millionth of an inch. Whilst very little chrome is used, this gives the radiators all the properties needed from a chrome radiator alongside all the benefits.

Decorative chrome plating is applied alongside layers of other metals. Copper and nickel are common metals whose layer is usually combined with chrome plating.

The level and quality of chrome plating mainly depends on the factors involved in the manufacturing process. Some of them have a number of layers below the plating, the metal used beneath the chrome plating, the combination of salt solution, etc.

Dual Fuel Radiatorsr

You will come across a varied range of radiators for your bathroom which may differ in functionality and appearance. Nowadays, you will find numerous dual fuel chrome towel radiators in several homes.

You are probably wondering why you need a warm towel in your bathroom when your entire house is benefiting from the warmth provided by radiators? Think of that cold, unbearable breeze you feel during a cold winter morning when you leave the bathroom, and you have the answer to your question.

Another point of consternation might be about choosing the right fuel type for your radiator. The latest models have two options within them namely –dual fuel or electric radiators.

You should ideally opt for a dual fuel option for your chrome towel radiators as they have the ability to warm your towels and distribute much needed warmth in your bathroom. This is exactly what you need on a cold, harsh winter morning!

Benefits of a Dual Fuel Radiator

  • Of late, UK citizens are growing familiar with the benefits of a dual fuel heating system in their radiators. Additionally, the increasing demand for them is huge evidence of its splendid functionality.
  • Fundamentally, radiators with this fuel type are just the same as any other radiator you might have used earlier. The unique feature that they possess is that you have to plumb them directly to the standard heating system.
  • Additionally, they can be utilised individually as well as separately from the central heating system as the name suggests it has dual features. Unlike winters, you make less use of radiators in summers and therefore such a fuel type is suitable for all seasons.
  • In case you intend to take a shower in the evening you will find your towel warm for use. You therefore, do not have to worry about having a cold towel at the end of your summer day.
  • Chrome towel radiators with dual fuel tend to have more flexibility as compared to other radiators. They work even when your central heating system is not on.
  • Ordinary radiators might make you go all round your house to switch on or off but with dual type systems you do not have to do this.
  • More importantly, you tend to save more on your energy bills with a dual fuel type radiator as you do not switch off and on the system on a frequent basis during the winter.
  • You can simplify the entire procedure with dual fuel systems for your chrome towel radiators.

How to use a Dual Fuel Towel radiator?

The functioning of a dual fuel radiator mainly depends on T-pieces, which are also known as Dual Fuel Adaptors. You have to follow a basic four-step procedure:

Step: 1

The first and foremost step is to isolate the bathroom chrome towel radiator from the rest of the central heating system. Make sure that you do this at the beginning of the installation process.

The most convenient time to do so is when the system is cold and you need to put off the heating system, inlet, outlet and the valves as well.

Step: 2

Once you have closed all the valves you need to loosen the bleed valve or return valve of your radiator. Make sure that you are very gentle while carrying out this process. It is important to be careful while carrying out this task as extreme pressure can have adverse effects.

In case you open the valve too much there are chances that the radiator might start to spurt water from the bleed valve when it reaches a high temperature.

Step: 3

Once you have isolated the radiator successfully you can switch on the heating element and gradually raise the temperature.

Step: 4

Once summer season comes to an end or if you wish to follow your old pattern of full central heating system throughout your house there is only one procedure. You need to follow the above procedure in the reverse order. You simply have to re-trace all the actions in the backwards direction.

Simply turn off the system. Tighten the entire return valve or bleed valve and then turn on your inlet, outlet and other valves.

t is advisable to contact a professional for this task so that you do not have to face any consequences that might arise from potential mistakes.

Why Choose Us?

We hand pick the best radiators to fulfil the versatile needs of our clients. Besides, we have strong support from our suppliers who also are our partners.

Great Rads is one of the fastest growing radiator distributors in the United Kingdom. We believe in offering a level of service that we ourselves would like to receive from others.

We make use of our years of industry experience for our business. Our exceptional trade links helps us to deliver your handpicked radiator safely to your doorstep. We are also focussed on offering you the best rates for our radiators.

We boast a spectacular range from towel radiators to bespoke radiators to satisfy the needs of our versatile clientele. Additionally, we have huge variety in terms of size, colour, raw material and heat output. We also have huge collection of stylish accessories for our radiators.

In case you want to resolve a query about our services or seek advice you can send us a mail on: You can also call us on: 01803 450330 to gain further details.