Hallway Radiators

Here at Great Rads, we pride ourselves as radiator suppliers in showcasing the most innovative heating technologies available on the market today. Making sure that we keep tabs on the next big thing in home heating is what keeps us at the height of the radiator game. Whether you’re looking for unique radiator finishes or a quick to heat dual fuel beauty, we always strive for the best here at Great Rads. That’s what keeps us up there as one of the top designer radiator sellers in the country, bringing warmth and comfort to homes across the nation. We strive to utilise our in-depth research and heating know how to bring you the best heating options from across the international market.
Hallways are the first room in the house which guests will see. They are also prone to drafts and limited space. This narrows down the options you have for investing in a radiator, and create a range of limitations which if unchecked, could lead to considerable loss of heat in the house. Fortunately, there are many great examples of hallway designer radiators at Great Rads. Here you will be able to find a stellar range of vertical, panel and horizontal radiators from a great rostra of brands. With a radiator for everyone at Great Rads, the solution is simpler than you think when it comes to heating that hard to warm hallway.
What do you need to keep in mind when heating the hallway? As the first space in which you enter from the outside, the hallway is prone to losing heat at a rather rapid pace. On top of this, it acts as the entrance to the other rooms in the house, acting as a sort of spine for the homes body. This means that the temperature needs to be regulated and as evenly spread as possible. This will ensure that no heat is lost in both the corridor itself, and from other rooms in the process. Ensuring that you have calculated the BTU output of your corridor will give you a great starting point to hallway heating, and will make it far easier to make the right choice in your hallway radiator.
The hallway is also the perfect place to showcase your interior design flourishes. Here you’ll find works of art, unique home flooring and a first glimpse into your home for new visitors. Radiators for hallways have the opportunity to do just that and with a range of eye catching designs at Great Rads, you can ensure it makes a lasting impression.

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