Living Room Radiators

Here at Great Rads, we are comprehensive radiator suppliers and as such, we pride ourselves in showcasing the most innovative heating technologies available on the market today. Making sure that we keep tabs on the next big thing in home heating is what keeps us at the height of the radiator game. Whether you’re looking for unique radiator finishes or a quick to heat dual fuel beauty, we always strive for the best here at Great Rads. That’s what keeps us up there as one of the top designer radiator sellers in the country, bringing warmth and comfort to homes across the nation. We strive to utilise our in-depth research and heating know how to bring you the best heating options from across the international market.
Living rooms are one of the most crucial areas of the home to heat. These spaces are used throughout the day, being one of the most sociable and recreational rooms in the home, and so require steady and comforting heat. The living room is a space in the house which is also prone to draughts, especially with windows and the constant opening and closing of doors, (people like to come and go from the living room, especially if they’re not happy with the TV viewing choices!). This makes the need for steady heating solutions even more important, especially when entertaining guests or spending time with the family.
Living rooms also have the opportunity to turn so so heating units into striking works of art. With the wide range of options available at Great Rads, you can be sure to find an option to suit your interior decor tastes. What’s important when shopping for that perfect designer living room radiator? With a wide range of options at Great Rads, it’s important to hone in on exactly what you require from your living room radiator model.
First off, ensuring efficient heating without taking away from your comfort is important. No one wants to be rejigging their furniture to accommodate for a new radiator. Investing in a corner radiator will allow you to save on space, and heat the room as well as you can. If you’re buying for a smaller living room, then vertical radiators can keep wall space open for other uses.
You might want to invest in a small, under-the-window radiator, to accommodate for bad insulation. If your uninsulated window still lets in the cold when closed, a well-placed compact living room radiator can infuse the cold air with warm, ensuring that you keep the cold out and the comfort high.

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