Stainless Steel Radiators

A huge variety of materials can be used to make domestic heating systems; from aluminium and brass to ceramics and glass, so why choose stainless steel radiators? Because its properties are ideal for creating long-lasting, highly effective, beautiful radiators and heated towel radiators

Stainless steel radiators are non-corrosive, easily maintained, hygienic and versatile. It is strong and durable, thus resisting peeling, flaking and discolouration. The inevitable minor scratches, dirt, prints and marks that come with day-to-day living are easily eliminated. What’s more, stainless steel radiators are always fashionable, with their contemporary, sleek appearance and sensuous feel.

All the stainless steel radiators at Great Rads are available with free UK delivery.

As leading radiator suppliers, we pride ourselves in showcasing the most innovative heating technologies available on the market today. Making sure that we keep tabs on the next big thing in home heating is what keeps us at the height of the radiator game. Whether you’re looking for unique radiator finishes or a quick to heat dual fuel beauty, we always strive for the best here at Great Rads. That’s what keeps us up there as one of the top designer radiator sellers in the country, bringing warmth and comfort to homes across the nation. We strive to utilise our in-depth research and heating know how to bring you the best heating options from across the international market.
Stainless steel radiators are some of the most popular radiators on the market today. With a wide range of options at Great Rads, there’s always a model which is right for you and your home. Whatever room you are buying for in your property, home heating is always important to get right, both heating-wise and aesthetically. Stainless steel offers quick to heat radiators with a slick and stylish finish, bringing a metallic shine to any home. Whether you want a horizontal radiator or a vertical radiator, you can always count on stainless steel to bring the right edge to your home. Stainless steel radiators come in many shapes and sizes. Great Rads offers a range of innovative radiators at great value prices, right to your doorstep.

What Qualities Does Stainless Steel Have That Other Materials Don’t?  

Steel is one of the most produced metals in the UK, making it the perfect choice for any British home and at cheaper prices than imports. On top of this, stainless steel is a brilliant conductor, retaining their warmth for longer than other metals but also being quick to heat up in the first place. This makes them perfect choices for larger spaces, especially if you are after a low maintenance radiator choice.
At Great Rads, you can find a fantastic range of radiators which will require very little maintenance and last you well beyond your warranty. We offer a wide range of designs, spanning from the innovative designer models to the simple and practical home radiator options. Whatever you opt for, the stainless steel radiator will undoubtedly bring new life and striking metallic colours into the heart of your home, ensuring great prices and easy installation.

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Stainless Steel Radiators

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more comforting on a cold winter’s morning than toasty floors and cosy warm rooms.

There’s a lot of radiators on the market, coming in all shapes, sizes and costs; however, nothing there’s not a lot of options that compete with the comfort and style of stainless steel radiators. They’re objectively better than other materials which are used in the production of designer radiators.

Generally, there’s only one question when it comes to buying a new radiator - that is the “how much?”. Great Rads see more than price though, looking at style, service and quality.

With stainless steel of the highest quality, you can always depend on Great Rads durability and performance. However, this does tend to tot up the cost of radiators made out of this material, which adds to the finesse and prestige of the material.

Apart from its robustness, there is much more that makes stainless steel radiators a better option than other materials. With increased conduction capacity compared to chrome plated mild steel, you could be looking at up to 15% additional heat output, saving you money in the long term on your energy bills.

Put simply, stainless steel is leagues ahead when it comes to saving energy. Not to mention, it is also a better emitter of heat. Since mild steel is covered with a layer of chrome it limits the emission of heat. On the other hand, stainless steel doesn’t have any coating.

One of the most significant features of stainless steel radiators is that they’re able to retain heat over a prolonged period. This in turn means, it’ll keep your house warmer for a longer period. This way you can switch off the radiator after a certain point and retain heat, allowing you to reduce you electricity bills further.

If you’ve been looking for an enthralling range of radiators, then you’ve come to the right place. We a designer range of hand-picked radiators of all shapes and sizes with a diverse price range, which are perfect to keep your house super warm during the cold winters and suit any budget.

Why Stainless Steel Radiators?

Over the past ten years, stainless steel radiators have become increasingly popular, chiefly because of their heat output, guarantee period and modern designs. These radiators are available both in vertical and horizontal designs, so no matter how large or small your house is, you have a range to choose from.

Of course, variety of materials, such as aluminium, brass and glass can be used to design domestic heating systems. However, stainless steel is our top choice, since its non-corrosive properties are perfect to craft prolonged, highly effective and beautiful radiators.

Besides their non-corrosive properties, radiators made up of stainless steel are easy to weld and recyclable. It’s estimated that roughly around 65% of all stainless steel products are made of recycled steel. This is what makes it an eco-friendly metal for you house. Not to mention, it’s tolerant of both incredibly high and extremely low temperatures, which makes it ideal for use in manufacturing radiators.

As stainless steel can be customised in terms of colour and finish, we at Great Rads take the liberty to provide our customers with some of the best bespoke radiators in a variety of designs, such as honeycomb, maze, f-bar, abacus, coffer and much more.

We understand that for our customers aesthetic value is of premium importance, which is why we ensure that our radiators are fashionable enough and give a lustrous appearance to every house.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Radiators

The popularity of radiators has really boomed in the past few decades. In the past businesses and houses typically saw the conventional gray, black or white radiator installed, which were only made up of ‘cast iron’.

However, with some prominent changes in the radiator industry, today you’ll find all sorts of colours, shapes and materials being used to craft Stainless Steel Radiators. Of course, all these materials come with their own list of pros and cons. But what it boils down to is, what every customer and homeowner is looking for when it comes to heating options.

So, here we’ve taken the liberty to list a few benefits of using stainless steel radiators:


Steel being a durable and high quality material, it’s often used to create radiators. One of the biggest advantages of making use of steel is, it doesn’t rust over time- this is assuming that high quality grade of steel is used, since poor quality ones might wear out over time.


Steel is one of those metals that easily conduct heat, which is why opting for Stainless Steel Radiators is considered to be an efficient option. Though you turn off the central heating system, steel tends to retain the heat for a prolonged period in comparison to other materials. This way you can save money on your energy bills.

Low Maintenance

An amazing feature of stainless steel is that it responds really well to constant cleaning, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity in the industry. It isn’t a metal that would break down or decay when cleaned on a daily basis. Instead it increases its resistance to corrosion. A mild detergent, warm water and a sponge is enough to keep your Stainless Steel Radiators clean and shiny.

So, if you’re in the market for a brand new radiator for your house, then Great Rads is your one stop shop. Here you’re bound to come across an array of futuristic creations in all shapes, colours and finishes.

With our unrivalled range of radiators you can for sure give your entire house a stunning and chic look!

Great Rads: Why Choose Us?

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Having gained years’ of experience in the radiator industry, we believe that we have exceptional knowledge and better understanding of what our customers expect from us. We also make use of our trade links in order to secure a brilliant range of radiators for our customers.

We at Great Rads offer our customers high quality, hand-picked products at amazingly reduced prices. With the delivery timescales, we do try to be as precise as possible, and most our products are delivered at your doorstep within 2 or 3 working days.

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