Thermogroup Radiators

Thermogroup UK bring simple, effortless luxury and comfort to any living space with the flexibility of a Thermogroup heating solution. Their heating products are innovative, look amazing, and last for years so you can enjoy the efficient, on-demand heating you deserve in your home. Thermogroup offer underfloor heating systems, bathroom heating, control thermostats and wall mounted heating.

The Vario Range

Vario PRO is the unique fast-install underfloor heating solution with a special uncoupling membrane to protect floors against heat-induced buckling and cracking. Vario PLY allows quick and easy underfloor heating cable installation and removes the need for a second plywood layer to strengthen timber substrates. Vario is the fastest-install cable underfloor heating kit available. No primer, no tapes, no hassle and is guaranteed to save you time.

Thermotube, Thermonet & Thermofoil

Thermotube is a low-volume hot water UH system designed for use with renewables. Thermonet is a premium-quality electric underfloor heating mat with a zero EMF cable, a low-profile connection wire, and fully self-adhesive fibre-glass mesh for rapid, cut-and-turn installation. The combination of industry-leading materials and well thought-through production techniques enable efficient installation. Thermofoil PRO is a super-thin underfloor heating foil that brings the luxuriousness of underfloor heating to laminate flooring.

A Truly Innovative Company

Thermogroup were the first company to introduce a dual control thermostat, the Thermotouch's 4.3 touchscreen - available in ice white or satin black, with 8 display colour options -  that allow the user to operate both underfloor heating and an additional device such as an electric towel rail or mirror demister.
There are also Thermotouch thermostats that are also enabled to work with Wi-Fi, meaning you can control your heating through a dedicated app called MyThermotouch. You can send us your floor plan and we can commission a bespoke Thermonet underfloor heating mat designed to fit your room perfectly.
We are very proud at Great Rads to call Thermogroup UK a key supply partner.

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