Vertical Radiators

Here at Great Rads, we pride ourselves in showcasing the most innovative heating technologies available on the market today. Making sure that we keep tabs on the next big thing in home heating is what keeps us at the height of the radiator game. Whether you’re looking for unique radiator finishes or a quick to heat dual fuel beauty, we always strive for the best here at Great Rads. That’s what keeps us up there as one of the top designer radiator sellers in the country, bringing warmth and comfort to homes across the nation. We strive to utilise our in-depth research and heating know how to bring you the best heating options from across the international market.
Vertical radiators are another stellar example of the unique radiator innovations which Great Rads are known for. Whatever the material, you’ll find an eye catching and bold vertical radiator for your home. Whether it’s a multifunctional towel radiator or a simple yet striking panel, there are plenty of options for your property. Whatever size you go for, vertical radiators have become ever more popular over the years, bringing a breath of fresh air to the radiator game. Whatever style you go for, there’ll be a vertical radiator to suit your needs and tastes, bringing originality and flare to your home. Afterall, a radiator needn’t just work as a heating unit, but a piece of art too.
What will make a vertical radiator right for you?
First off, vertical radiators are often used to accommodate for a lack of space in a home. If you’re looking for a way to use height instead of width, then a vertical rad is right for you. Coming in a range of sizes, you can use vertical radiators in all manner of rooms, however small they may be.
Secondly, a vertical radiator will not scrimp on BTU output. A vertical radiator uses either water pressure or electricity to ensure that even the tallest will not have cold spots. The vertical nature of the radiator might have you assume that it won’t radiate heat as efficiently as horizontal radiators, when, it is just as balanced as their sideways siblings.
Vertical radiators are some of the most multifunctional radiators out there, often doubling up as towel rails and sometimes even mirrors. The wide range of materials and finishes on a designer vertical radiator makes them both practical and striking in equal measure whether they are a vertical radiator for the kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

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