We offer a number of ways to order:

Online - all our products are available online for easy order. You simply add your brand new radiator to your basket and then enter your details.

Phone - we can take orders over the phone, this is useful if your connection speed to the internet is slow, or you require advice. Our contact number is: 01803 450330

Email - we can deal over email with you, building to a point where we send you a draft order with a clickable link to insert your information

In Person - we can take orders in person via our advanced POS system.

Your brand new radiator will come with all the necessary fixings, including brackets and air vents to enable fitting.

Radiators as standard don't come with Radiator Valves, so you might need to consider purchasing these. 

Also, If you require electric elements then these will be a separate purchase as well.

All the products we sell will have manufacturers guarantees, in the example of stainless steel it can be from 20 to 25 years. And then ranging through 15, 10, 5 and 1 year depending on the product.

All details of the guarantee length will be on the individual product page. If you require more information on this then please contact us on  01803 450330, or enquiries@greatrads.co.uk

We have a huge selection of radiators (in fact over 15,000 products!), and some will be available sooner than others. On the individual product page we have put the estimated delivery timescales. We ensure we offer products for people who have an urgent next day requirement, and then right up to specialist made to order items.

We have an order co-ordination team that will contact you straight after placing an order to confirm the current lead-time on your chosen product, and will also then arrange a suitable delivery date with you if that is your choice.

If you brand new rad is on a longer lead time, then we can send you all the pipework information to enable your Plumber to install ready for the day the radiator arrives.

All our deliveries are free to the UK Mainland. If you are in Ireland or Northern Ireland there will be an extra delivery charge. Please contact us for a quotation.

We also deliver to many international destinations, for example USA, Europe. Please contact us for a price.

Once a convenient date is agreed our couriers deliver from 8am to 6pm on weekdays. Weekend deliveries might be available at an extra charge.

We request that the courier companies give you a call prior to delivery on the day so you can be in to receive.

It is strongly recommended that you don't book your Plumber in on the day of delivery just in case the delivery arrives later in the day.

We request that you inspect the goods immediately after delivery for any damage/faults or missing parts, and report to us within 2 days so we can organise a replacement to be sent. This is a requirement from the courier companies.


This doesn't affect your ability to return the product as detailed here:

Returns & Exchanges

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including American Express and Diners Club. We also accept Apple Pay via mobile.

We can also accept bank transfer. Please contact us for our bank details if this is your chosen method.

Please click below for our handy buying guide:

Radiator Buying Guide

All the radiators sold by Great Rads and labelled as compatible with Central Heating on the product page have British Standard fittings. This means you can easily replace single radiators on your existing system.

Dual fuel radiators are essentially both central heating and electric. This means that you can run run them off central heating in the winter, and then in the summer, when you might not want your whole system on you can just use the individual electric radiator to say warm your towels.

Please see our blog below for more information:

Dual Fuel Radiators

Please view our helpful blog:

Radiators - what material is best for me?

The main materials are:

Stainless Steel - Non-corrosive, easily maintained, hygienic and versatile. It is strong and durable, thus resisting peeling, flaking and discolouration. The inevitable minor scratches, dirt, prints and marks that come with day-to-day living are easily eliminated

Aluminium - High resistance to corrosion, rapid heat up and cool down, blazing hot heating outputs, lightweight, and some amazing designs

Mild Steel- Cost effective, hundreds of different styles available.

Cast Iron - Amazing period pieces. Holds heat long after turned off. Heavyweight and secure.

Yes you can. Your Plumber will use Corrosion Inhibitors (not on a secondary water system however), to not do so might invalidate your manufacturers guarantee, use of these will prolong the life. 

Your central heating system will use different materials throughout, so radiators with different metals won't be an issue as long as they are suitable for your system.

All our radiators are compatible with Combination Boilers.

There are a number of factors that go into considering whether a micro bore system would heat the radiators enough. Before purchase please consult a heating installer who will be able to take a look at your system to ascertain effectiveness.

For example due to a microbore system having thinner pipework a build up of sludge can accumulate on existing systems, which might affect the ability for hot water to pass around freely.

It also depends on the specification of the whole system that the radiators are being installed on and whether this is the correct specifications to run vertical radiators.  

So our radiators can in general be used in conjunction with micro bore pipe but the system capabilities need to be taken into account.

Ultimately It is up to the installer to spec radiators which are suitable for use on the system. 

All product dimensions are shown on the individual product page, if you require any further details just let us know and we will be happy to help.

Please use our handy BTU calculator which can be found herePlease also take a look at this blog which will provide further information.

This will give you a heat output in BTU's, then all you will need to do is use our simple BTU filter on the collection pages.

Alternatively please contact us and we will be happy to look at options for you.

Due to the amount of options available with valves, our Radiators don't come with them as standard. 

As Valves can be confusing we have a simple guide below to explain further the choices available.

The kind of Valves you need will depend on the position of your pipes, and where they connect to your radiator:

  • If the pipes come up from the floor and they connect to the bottom of your radiator - you need straight valves.
  • If the pipes come up from the floor and connect to the side of your radiator - you need angled valves.
  • If the pipes come out of the wall and connect to the bottom or side of your radiator - you need corner valves

Then you will need to decide on how you want the radiator to be heated:

  • If you want the temperature controlled by your main thermostat - then you need a Manual Valve
  • If you want to be able to control your new radiator independantly of the main thermostat - then you need a Thermostatic Valve

Please click here for our range of Valves

If you want to speak to someone regarding the correct valve choice please call 01803 450330

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) mean that you can control the heat individually on each radiator they are fitted to. They have sensors which measures the room temperature and regulates the radiator temperature accordingly to remain at a constant heat. You set this by turning the valve head to your required setting.

Manual Valves mean you can turn the radiator on or off, but the temperature is controlled by your main house thermostat.

Click here for our range of Thermostatic Valves

Click here for our range of Manual Valves

Please view our helpful blog:

How & Why to bleed a radiator

Our radiators are shown in BTUs (British Thermal Units) and Watts and are worked out at Delta 50. Our BTU calculator also works to these figures.

There is an older delta rating of Delta 60 that a lot of Plumbers might still use to calculate.

There are many benefits to ordering a Cast Iron Radiators, please see below for some of the main features:


Cast Iron Radiators will take slightly longer to warm up, but the benefit then is it will stay hot for longer after the central heating is turned off.

As they are available in sections, they can be built from 3 to 40 sections, so will suit any size or heating requirement. 

Cast Iron designs are timeless, due to this they will look great in period properties and also modern contemporary interiors and will never 'go out of fashion'

Colours: Cast Iron Rads are available in hundreds of different colours, and they can also be painted by yourself to a colour of your choice.

To view the range click here

We have a superb Cast Iron Brochure. If you would like us to send you one then please just email sales@greatrads.co.uk with you address and we will be happy to post one out.

Alternatively we have an online version for you to view:

Cast Iron Brochure

Buying a cast iron radiator should be an enjoyable and creative experience and the Great Rads Customer Service Team are here to help if you have any questions or concerns about your cast iron radiator or finish choices.

We have also prepared a Cast Iron FAQ for you to view:

Cast Iron FAQ

Please click on the link below to view the helpful advice.

Installation & Care Advice

There is a fantastic choice of colours available for your new Cast Iron Radiator

Please click on the links below to view:

Standard & Metallic Finishes

Farrow & Ball - Historic Colours

The Highlight Effect

Antiqued Paint Effect

Burnished Finish

Hand Polished Service

Own Colour Selection

We would be very happy to supply bespoke pricing for your project. Please either give us a call on 01803 450330 or email us on enquiries@greatrads.co.uk and we can run through things with you. We can often offer great savings this way, above anything that is advertised on the internet.

From this we can then also provide radiator take offs, pipe centre information and BTU details, we would be happy to also liaise with your Plumber to ensure they have all the information they require.

At Great Rads we have a team of friendly heating geeks, who are just itching to provide assistance. 

Some of the things they can help with include:

BTU Calculations

Special Project Pricing

Proposing Appropriate Products Based On Your Requirements

Proposing Alternative Products

Delivery Timescales

Product Matching

Radiator Valve Advice

Specifications For Architects

Designs For Interior Designers

In fact they are happy to help out no matter your heating questions.

Click here to open a live chat

There are a number of things you can use to keep your brand new radiators clean.

Radiator brush. 

Soft Cloth

Soapy Water

Towel or Dust Sheet

Vacuum Cleaner

Using these on a monthly will not only keep your radiator looking shiny and clean, but will also prolong the life of the metal.

If your radiator has developed cold spots then it might require bleeding. This is a simple process and will involve releasing the built in bleed valve to release any trapped air, meaning your hot water will go all the way around the radiator.

If one of your radiators isn't warming up properly, and you have bled it then it might require balancing. 

Please click on our useful blog post for more information:

How to balance radiators