Cast Iron Radiators - Hand Polished Service

Accentuate the beautiful detail of your chosen radiator and create a stunning centre piece for any room

The hand polished finish is a very specialised process involving each section of your heritage cast iron radiator being hand polished to produce a handsome highly polished antique look.

This process accentuates the beautiful detail in the cast of the radiator, particularly for decorative radiators, each detail in the cast becomes highlighted. Each section is carefully hand polished to the areas that are easily accessible for cleaning and oiling, (please note that with the tradiitional polished service the back of the radiator that is not seen or easy to get to is not polished for ease of maintenance)

If your polished radiator will show both sides and not be in front of a wall, please order the full polished service.

Hand Polishing gives a magnificent look to a radiator and is perfect for those rooms requiring a centre piece radiator such as the hallway and reception rooms.

Hand Polished Service

Hand Polished Service