Self Build Project Assistance


Self Build


We are experts in assisting the Self Build Market in advice, heating calculations, and design when it comes to Radiators.

We know how much of a learning curve it is to decide on what is required for Radiators for Self Build, so let us help.

Technical Experts

We can read Architects Drawings, offering design advice on layout using complete BTU calculations, and then providing complete schedules for your Plumbing contractors including pipe centres and installation instructions.

Choose a Style

All you need to do is choose what style you like and we will do the rest. 

Choice of Design

We have hundreds of different options, from Cast Iron Column Radiators, to Towel Radiators

Column Rads

Internal and External Account Management

We can offer site visits by our expert and knowledgeable team. You will be dealing with the same person throughout your project so you will be assured of quality and consistency. We can also visit Architects and your chosen Contractors on your behalf.

Exclusive / Bespoke Project Pricing

Working with our manufacturers, we can offer special project prices.

All of the above services are free for you to use.

If you are interested in using our completely free service then please call 01257 758246,  or email on