DQ Modus 6 Column Radiator

by DQ Heating
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The DQ Modus 6 Column Radiator has a timeless design, taken from its cast iron forefathers has all the style of a cast radiator with the benefits of steel.

The DQ Modus 6 Column can be used for both modern and period style applications, coupled with a vast array of sizes and fixings available, the Modus is one of the most versatile radiators on the market.

The DQ Modus 6 Column can also be manufactured as a curved or angled radiator, ideal for bay windows etc. Please contact our sales office on 01803 450300 for pricing and assistance.


  • Available in White, RAL Colours or Special Finishes (if you require RAL or special finish please select and then enter in the notes section at checkout - we will then contact you after placing your order to confirm)
  • Guaranteed by DQ for 5 years
  • Delivery: Made to Order in 4 Weeks
  • Fuel Option: Central Heating
**Radiator is supplied with brackets, blanking plugs, airvents, fixing screws, rawl plugs, airvent key and 1/2" connectors**

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Heating & Sizing Outputs

 DQ Modus 6 Column

Specifying your Modus Radiator:
  1. Choose column depth.
  2. Choose height (H).
  3. Calculate number of sections – to do this, take the Btu output of chosen section and height from spec table then divide your required output by this number.
  4. Choose fixings.
  5. Specify if different from standard 1/2" bottom opposite end connections in RAL 9010 (white)

e.g. you require a Modus with an output of 6000 Btu to heat your room

  1. You have chosen your column depth of 4 columns.
  2. Chosen your height of 500mm.
  3. Calculated your required number of sections (4.500 = 247 Btu, 6000 / 247 = 25 sections).
  4. Decided on wall brackets.
  5. With 1/2" bottom opposite end connections as standard in RAL 9010 (white).

So, to meet your requirements you would need to order:
Modus 4.500 x 25 sections in RAL 9010 (white) with wall brackets 1/2" bottom opposite end connections.

Output will be 6175 Btu (25 sections x 247 Btu)

Length will be 1174mm (25 sections x 46mm per section + 24mm for reducing bushes).

DQ Modus 6 Column Radiator