Dual Fuel Conversion Kit - Variable Temp Element 600w

by Great Rads
This 600 watt electric element contains a helpful installation guide, and a chrome dual fuel T piece.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Chrome
  • 600 Watts
Height (mm) 433.0
Width (mm) 55.0
Depth (mm) 37.0
Material Metal and plastic
Finish Chrome
Boxed Weight 0.640 kg
Unboxed Weight 0.420 kg
Warranty 2 year manufacturer's
Style Dual fuel conversion kit
Includes Variable 600W electric element
  • Flex 1200mm long
  • Length of element is 370mm from tip to base of thread
  • IP54
Chrome dual fuel T piece
Full installation instructions in the form of a How To guide
Power (Watts) 600

    Due to the amount of options available with valves, our Radiators don't come with them as standard. 

    As Valves can be confusing we have a simple guide below to explain further the choices available.

    The kind of Valves you need will depend on the position of your pipes, and where they connect to your radiator:

    • If the pipes come up from the floor and they connect to the bottom of your radiator - you need straight valves.
    • If the pipes come up from the floor and connect to the side of your radiator - you need angled valves.
    • If the pipes come out of the wall and connect to the bottom or side of your radiator - you need corner valves

    Then you will need to decide on how you want the radiator to be heated:

    • If you want the temperature controlled by your main thermostat - then you need a Manual Valve
    • If you want to be able to control your new radiator independantly of the main thermostat - then you need a Thermostatic Valve

    Please click here for our range of Valves

    If you want to speak to someone regarding the correct valve choice please call 01803 450330