Thermogroup Econoplan Self-Levelling Compound

by Thermogroup
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Thermogroup Econoplan™ self-levelling compound is a cement-based, fibre-reinforced, protein-free floor-levelling compound for tiling professionals.

The formula is highly flexible and can be used on concrete or timber substrates making it ideal for use with underfloor heating in both domestic and commercial applications.

Simply mix with 5 litres of clean and cool water, stir continuously for 2 minutes using a drill and whisk attachment then use immediately. Once poured onto your prepared subfloor, you can spread with a smooth edge trowel or a spiked roller for a smooth and even finish. It can create a bed of between 2 - 50mm and sets quickly so you get on with laying your floor.

    • 25kg bag
    • Flexible and fibre reinforced
    • For use with underfloor heating
    • Single part, no additives required
    • 2-50mm bed thickness
    • Ready for foot traffic in 3 hours - quick to set
    • Delivery 2/3 Working Days
    • BS EN ISO 9001
    • Compressive strength N/mm2 (air cured at 20C): 1 day - 10.0, 7 days - 35.0, 28 days - 40.0
    • • Flexural strength N/mm2: 7 days - 3.0, 28 days - 10.0

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