Electronic Thermostatic Radiator Valve With Remote Control

by Great Rads
Save 13%

This award-winning valve is a bit different to your traditional valve with it being able to be programmed so that you are able to control your heat without even being at home. The valve also comes with a controller so that you can control it without even getting up. 

Using time and temperature based programs (up to 3 schedules per day) the eTRV provides DIY zoning of your central heating by controlling each radiator individually.

You can expect to save up to 25% on your heating costs with an eTRV. The eTRV won the EEEGR Low Carbon Innovation Award for 2011.

    • Thermostatic
    • White
    • 2 Year Guarantee
    • 15mm inlet
Height (mm) 112.0
Width (mm) 54.0
Depth (mm) 54.0
Material Metal and plastic
Finish White
Boxed Weight 0.439 kg
Unboxed Weight 0.165 kg
Warranty 2-year manufacturer's
Style Electronic thermostatic head replacement
Feature(s) Replaces existing TRV head
Control settings via remote
Configure up to three programs for each day of the week
Precision heat sensor
Near silent motorised operation
Simple to fit (no expert required) and will fit onto most existing thermostatic valve bodies using adapter rings
Low power circuitry ensures batteries last a long time
IP Rating - 20

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