Eskimo Cliff Outline Radiator

by Eskimo

The Eskimo Cliff Outline Radiator is a super high performance radiator with a beautiful natural stone finish. 

The Outline is a modular aluminium, high output radiator ‘engine’ with various stunning options of front fascia panel.

The Eskimo Cliff has really high heat outputs. With low water volume and diverter fitted as standard means rapid warm up and perfect for low temperature heating systems such as heat pumps.

Hinge & Bracket can be specified so that the radiator appears to “float” just off the wall with the valves fully disguised. Yet with a simple click to the bottom centre of the radiator, you have full access to your thermostatic controls.

The Cliff is available in 4 finishes:

Earthy Pit - A soil/earthy colour finish

Steady Flintoff - Cool greys with a sparkling surface finish

Mist-in-slater - Very dark matt grey slate to almost black

Barren Stone - A lighter desert stone colour

****Please state what finish you require in the notes section at the checkout****This is radiator design at its best. A superb thoughtful design which will have visitors talking for some time!

  • "lie down" horizontal model
  • Modular Aluminium Radiator
  • Rapid Warm Up
  • Natural Stone Finishes
  • Available in 2 depths 61mm and 106mm
  • Can be made to the nearest millimetre - please contact us for prices
  • As it is individually hand-crafted delivery is 6 weeks
  • Fuel options: Central Heating
  • Heating Output: Delta T60

**Radiator is supplied with brackets, blanking plugs, airvents, fixing screws, rawl plugs, airvent key and 1/2" connectors** 
Sizing and Heating Outputs
Dimensions (mm) Output Output
height x length x depth (watts) Btu's/Hr
264x1524x61 471 1607
264x2024x61 658 2247
454x1024x61 791 2698
454x1524x61 1186 4047
454x2024x61 1660 5666
264x1524x106 910 3105
264x2024x106 1224 4176
454x1024x106 1502 5127
454x1524x106 2292 7821
454x2024x106 3082


Eskimo Cliff Outline Radiator


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