Reina Lago Designer Towel Radiator

by Reina Design Radiators
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Size (height x width)

The Reina Lago Designer Towel Radiator has a lovely square design. It comes with either 1 bar (Lago 1) or 2 bars (Lago 2).

The Reina Lago and enhance any bathroom or kitchen.

The Lago is a little space-saving beauty in polished Chrome.

  • Available in Chrome
  • Guaranteed by Reina for 5 years
  • Mild Steel
  • Delivery: 24/48 Hours
  • Fuel type: Central Heating, Electric, or Dual Fuel
**Radiator is supplied with brackets, blanking plugs, airvents, fixing screws, rawl plugs, airvent key and 1/2" connectors**
Sizing and Heating Outputs
Reina Lago Heat Outputs


Reina Lago Heat Outputs