Reina Serio Vertical Designer Radiator

by Reina Design Radiators
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Size (height x width)


The Reina Serio Vertical Designer Radiator is a clean and fresh design. The lovely classic styling would suit any room.

With the newest in aluminium radiator design, the Reina Serio boasts fantastic versatility in heating your rooms, as it heats up quickly whenever you need it, this can mean your heating costs are reduced.

The Reina Serio comes in a white, and is part of the brand new Reina collection for 2016.

  • Available in White
  • Guaranteed by Reina for 5 years
  • *** Delivery normally in 1-2 working days, we will confirm actual delivery date  to you when placing an order ***
  • Fuel Options - Central Heating, Electric or Dual Fuel

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***Please note this radiator isn't supplied with valves, please click on the link above for our valve range***

**Radiator is supplied with brackets, blanking plugs, airvents, fixing screws, rawl plugs, airvent key and 1/2" connectors**
Sizing and Heating Outputs
Overall Height  Dimension Width Pipe Centres  Wall to Pipe Centres Wall Distance  Heat Outputs Delta:T50C  
          Btu Watts
1800 315 315 58-78 70-90 2680 786
1800 395 395 58-78 70-90 3352 983
1800 475 475 58-78 70-90 4020 1179


All measurements are in mm 

Reina Serio Data Chart