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The Milan - 2 Column Radiator - Wall Mounted

by The Milan
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The Milan - 2 Column Radiator Wall Mounted is a beautiful column radiator, which has been exclusively designed and Made in Italy.

The Milan comes pre-assembled in various heights, widths and column configurations. 

Wall Mounting Options:

Standard Wall Brackets - When feet aren't required and installation onto a standard wall

Solid Wall Brackets – Offering a sleek design and ideal when feet can’t be installed due to skirting boards etc, these work for all solid walls.

Stud Wall Brackets – Ideal solution when no feet are wanted and installation is to be onto a stud wall. They help spread the weight over the wall.

The Milan Column Radiator allows you maximum flexibility to create a radiator that matches your exact requirements. A vast array of over 500 sizes can be achieved by combining column depth, height and number of sections to achieve your desired output without compromising space; select a mounting option and add a colour or special finish to complement your interior.

If you require an item that is not displayed below please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of helpful sales staff who can be sure to get you the radiator the of your dreams. 

The Milan - Column Radiator is available as either White RAL 9016, a choice of 188 RAL Colours or 32 Special Finishes.

RAL colour finishes include popular colours such as Anthracite, and Gunmetal.

To choose the RAL colour or Special Finish you require, please view the images to see the colour options on the right, and then type in your choice to the notes box at the checkout - to view available colours please click here, we will then confirm back by return.

For RAL Colour option, please click here

  • Available in White
  • 2 Column Depth is 65mm.
  • Bush Width Single - 12mm, 2 x Bushes 24mm
  • Guarantee: 5 Years
  • 500+ combinations in 2, 3 & 4 Column.
  • EN442 Compliant 
  • 5 Heights
  • Up to 40 Sections
  • Material: Steel Multi Column
  • Delivery: 4 Weeks
  • Fuel Options: Central Heating
**Radiator is supplied with brackets, blanking plugs, airvents, fixing screws, rawl plugs, airvent key and 1/2" connectors**

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The Milan - Column Radiator



Due to the amount of options available with valves, our Radiators don't come with them as standard. 

As Valves can be confusing we have a simple guide below to explain further the choices available.

The kind of Valves you need will depend on the position of your pipes, and where they connect to your radiator:

  • If the pipes come up from the floor and they connect to the bottom of your radiator - you need straight valves.
  • If the pipes come up from the floor and connect to the side of your radiator - you need angled valves.
  • If the pipes come out of the wall and connect to the bottom or side of your radiator - you need corner valves

Then you will need to decide on how you want the radiator to be heated:

  • If you want the temperature controlled by your main thermostat - then you need a Manual Valve
  • If you want to be able to control your new radiator independantly of the main thermostat - then you need a Thermostatic Valve

Please click here for our range of Valves

If you want to speak to someone regarding the correct valve choice please call 01803 450330

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