Thermofoil PRO 140W/m² Underlaminate Foil

by Thermogroup
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Area (m²)

Thermofoil PRO 140W/m² Underlaminate Foil is not your usual underfloor heating because of it being able to go under laminate or hard wooden flooring.

Thermofoil is designed for dry rooms but it can be fitted in bathrooms or wetrooms. Making this product ideal for well insulated new builds.

With the Thermofoil PRO Foil you are able to cut and return, this means that you have more flexibility on cutting and sizing your product.

Every Thermofoil PRO system requires a layer of Econsoft Underlay and Econsoft Overlay. We can also provide solutions for different applications based on the designed floor.


  • 15 Year Guarantee
  • Made in Germany
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Less than 1mm Thick
Thermofoil PRO Outputs 

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