Thermonet EZ 200W/m2 Underfloor Heating Mat Set

by Thermogroup
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Thermonet EZ 200W/m2 Underfloor Heating

The thermonet is a fantastic innovative product. With the heat radiating from the floor it enables a large surface area to be heated and because of its design it is able to cost a fraction of the price of a normal radiator.

It would be great for a large kitchen or even a wet room. Because of it being completely incased, it is able to heat the floor no matter how wet the floor gets.

  • Life time warranty from Thermogroup
  • Made in Germany
  • TwistedTwin™ cables which are more robust and last longer than comparable products
  • Layflat Technology allows for an easy & quick installation 
  • Delivery 2-3 working days

      This pack includes:

      • The selected size heating matting pipe
      • Comprehensive installation manual
      • Factory test certificate

      Sizing and Heating Outputs


      Thermogroup Thermonet 200W/m²

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