Thermotouch 4.3dC Dual Control Underfloor Thermostat

by Thermogroup
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The Thermotouch 4.3dC Dual Control Thermostat is the UK's first dual control electric underfloor heating thermostat. Thanks to its 5a relay giving you precise control over your heating items such as any Thermogroup underfloor heating, and an additional appliance such as heated towel rails or mirror demisters.

The Thermotouch 4.3dC Thermostat is a fantastic modern looking thermostat because of its big screen, that can be a wide range of colours, and its choice in body colours that allow a personal touch to be applied.

Thermotouch 4.3dC also has a built-in money-saving mode allowing you to save money on your bills. 

Thermotouch also offers an optional extra of it being able to connect to WiFi which enables you to control your heating from by your phone by using the My Thermotouch App. Allowing you to come home to a nice warm home as soon as you walk through the door, which means no more waiting for the house to warm up!

The Thermotouch 4.3dC makes controlling the heating in your bathroom simple, streamlined and instant. One controller so you can set everything with a single touch

  • 2 Body Finishes - Ice White, Satin Black
  • 8 colour display options - Orange, Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Black and Grey
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • LOT 20 Compliant
  • Energy Saving Presets
  • Designed to handle underfloor heating up to 16a
  • Security lock features
  • Portrait & Landscape modes available

Download Thermotouch App Here:     

Click here for Thermotouch 4.3dC Data Sheet

 Thermotouch 4.3dC Dual Control Thermostat Video
Data Sheet


Thermotouch 4.3dC Dual Control Thermostat

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