Vario ProMat Uncoupling Membrane 

by Thermogroup
Length (m)

Vario ProMat Uncoupling Membrane is one of the best underfloor heating products on the market. 

The Uncoupling Membrane is dimpled matting so you are able to have a level flooring for a great heat distribution.

The Vario PRO Underfloor Heating System prevents any cracking being able to appear because of its TwistedTwin cables and even heat distribution that inhibits any possibility of this happening. Making this the perfect option for any tile flooring throughout your house. 

Vario Pro can be prepared to suit almost any substrate or floor finish, such as Concrete Floors, Cementitious, Screeds, Timber sub-floors and plywood. It’s also compatible with tiles, self-levelling compound (SLC), carpet, laminate and vinyl.

  • Warranty - Life Time
  • Waterproof
  • Made in Germany
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Less than 1mm Thick

Click here for Vario PRO Data Sheet

Vario PRO Outputs 


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