Radiators for Conservatories

Heat Output (BTU's)  
Heat Output (Watts)  
Range Height  
Range Width  
  1. 7016 Anthracite Texture 10 items
  2. Alternating Brushed and Polished Stainless Steel 1 item
  3. Alternating Brushed Matt and Polished Antique Bronze 1 item
  4. Alternating Brushed Matt and Polished Black 1 item
  5. Alternating Brushed Matt and Polished Bronze 1 item
  6. Alternating Brushed Matt and Polished Copper 1 item
  7. Alternating Brushed Matt and Polished Gold 1 item
  8. Alternating Brushed Matt and Polished Rose Gold 1 item
  9. Aluminium 4 items
  10. Aluminium Top Grille 1 item
  11. Anodised Aluminium 2 items
  12. Anodised Gold 1 item
  13. Anodised Textured Bronze 1 item
  14. Anodised Textured Grey 1 item
  15. Anthracite 80 items
  16. Anthracite - RAL 7016 4 items
  17. Anthracite - RAL 7016 1 item
  18. Anthracite 7016 Matt 2 items
  19. Anthracite Matt 3 items
  20. Anthracite Texture 5 items
  21. Antiqued Paint Effect 16 items
  22. Atlantic 2 items
  23. Bamboo 4 items
  24. Bare Metal 1 item
  25. Bare Metal Lacquer 24 items
  26. Barron Stone 4 items
  27. Beaumont Standard Finish 6 items
  28. Black 9 items
  29. Black - RAL 9004 5 items
  30. Black Nickel Lacquer 17 items
  31. Black Satin 2 items
  32. Blackboard 4 items
  33. Brass Lacquer 15 items
  34. Brassy 4 items
  35. Brassy Knoll 4 items
  36. Bright Nickel 1 item
  37. Brushed Aluminium 2 items
  38. Brushed Black 2 items
  39. Brushed Bronze 2 items
  40. Brushed Matt Antique Bronze 17 items
  41. Brushed Matt Black 17 items
  42. Brushed Matt Bronze 17 items
  43. Brushed Matt Copper 17 items
  44. Brushed Matt Gold 17 items
  45. Brushed Matt Rose Gold 16 items
  46. Brushed Nickel 1 item
  47. Brushed Stainless 4 items
  48. Brushed Stainless Steel 71 items
  49. Brushed Stainless Steel LUM 1 item
  50. Brushed Stainless Steel RAL 1 item
  51. Brushed Stainless Steel RAL-v 1 item
  52. Brushed Stainless Steel SG 1 item
  53. Brushed Stainless Steel SIL 1 item
  54. Brushed Stainless Steel with Gold Trims 1 item
  55. Champagne 4 items
  56. Chrome 25 items
  57. Colour & Special Finish 3 items
  58. Colour & Special Paint Finish 17 items
  59. Colour Finish 13 items
  60. Colour Match / RAL 16 items
  61. Concrete 4 items
  62. Copper Lacquer 17 items
  63. Cosmos 2 items
  64. Crocodile Textured 18 items
  65. Dupont Micrograin Finish 46 items
  66. Dusky Moodstress 4 items
  67. Earthy Pit 4 items
  68. Etched Brass 2 items
  69. Etched Copper 2 items
  70. Farrow & Ball 27 items
  71. Fumed Oak 4 items
  72. Glass Picture 6 items
  73. Gloss Anodised 18 items
  74. Gloss White - RAL 9010 3 items
  75. Gloss White - RAL 9016 18 items
  76. Gold 3 items
  77. Grey - RAL 7015 6 items
  78. Gun Metal 2 items
  79. Hand Burnished 2 items
  80. Highlight Paint Effect 6 items
  81. Infinity Steel 2 items
  82. Lacquered Bare Metal 1 item
  83. Lacquered Highlight Polished 2 items
  84. Lacquered Satin Polished 5 items
  85. Little Greene 5 items
  86. Marron 4 items
  87. Matt Aluminium 5 items
  88. Matt Anodised 18 items
  89. Matt Black 8 items
  90. Matt Black - RAL 9005 2 items
  91. Matt Copper - RAL 8029 1 item
  92. Matt White 17 items
  93. Matt White - RAL 9016 17 items
  94. Metallic Colour - Compost & Fopp or Maggie 4 items
  95. Metallic Colour - The Fronze 6 items
  96. Midnight Caller 4 items
  97. Mighty Magmas 4 items
  98. Milky Way 2 items
  99. Mirror 4 items
  100. Mirror Finish 2 items
  101. Nickel Look 4 items
  102. Oak 4 items
  103. Oak Top Grille 1 item
  104. Other Anodised 18 items
  105. Other White RAL Colours 18 items
  106. Paladin Colours 16 items
  107. Pippy Oak 4 items
  108. Polished 1 item
  109. Polished Aluminium 17 items
  110. Polished Antique Bronze 18 items
  111. Polished Black 18 items
  112. Polished Bronze 18 items
  113. Polished Copper 18 items
  114. Polished Gold 18 items
  115. Polished Rose Gold 18 items
  116. Polished Stainless Steel 61 items
  117. Polishing Service - Burnished 15 items
  118. Polishing Service - Hand Polished 15 items
  119. Polishing Service - Industrial 15 items
  120. Polishing Service - Mirror Polished 15 items
  121. Pop 2 items
  122. Premium Finishes 5 items
  123. Premium Lacquer 16 items
  124. RAL 9016 White 4 items
  125. RAL Colour 188 items
  126. RAL Colour (Most Popular) 5 items
  127. RAL Colour (Other) 5 items
  128. RAL Colour - Glass 1 item
  129. RAL Colour/Colour Match 9 items
  130. Raw Metal 4 items
  131. Red 1 item
  132. Rock Hudson 4 items
  133. Rosewood 4 items
  134. Rusty 4 items
  135. Satin White 10 items
  136. Schistian Slater 4 items
  137. Silver 7 items
  138. Slate Grey 2 items
  139. Special Finish 100 items
  140. Stainless Steel 7 items
  141. Standard Finishes 5 items
  142. Sublimation Print - Antique 3 items
  143. Sublimation Print - Copper Pipe 3 items
  144. Sublimation Print - Shipyard 3 items
  145. Supermirror 4 items
  146. Textured Anthracite 26 items
  147. Textured Anthracite 7016 2 items
  148. Textured Black 18 items
  149. Textured Black - RAL 9005 2 items
  150. Textured Dark Grey 9 items
  151. Textured Matt Anthracite 11 items
  152. Textured Matt Black 1 item
  153. Textured White 42 items
  154. Textured White - RAL 9016 2 items
  155. Traffic White - RAL 9016 4 items
  156. Travertine 2 items
  157. Tropical Olive 4 items
  158. Umbra Grey - RAL 7022 2 items
  159. Venice Copper 4 items
  160. Volcanic 4 items
  161. Walnut 4 items
  162. White 201 items
  163. White - RAL 9010 24 items
  164. White - RAL 9016 36 items
  165. White Aluminium Matt 2 items
  166. White Matt 5 items
  167. White RAL 9016 1 item
  168. White Sable 4 items
  169. White Sparkle 1 item
  170. Wood Effect 18 items
  171. Zebrano 4 items
  172. Stainless Steel Brushed 1 item
  173. Technoline 1 item

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Items 1-24 of 539

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Designer Radiators

Radiators are one of the most essential hidden features in any home or workplace, stabilising the temperature in the colder Winter months and making the home a more comfortable and enjoyable place to spend time.

Whilst it’s important to keep your home warm most of us are also incredibly house proud in terms of interior design. Your home is your sanctuary, a place to spend time relaxing, with family and friends, and we ideally want our homes to look as beautiful as possible.

Nowadays, radiators do not have to simply be a practical item, but they can also add to your interior design. The radiators provided here at Great Rads are not only practical, but also beautiful. Long gone are the days when your radiators have to be an irritating eyesore on the walls of your house; they can now be an additional decorative feature, complimenting the rest of your interior and adding decorative style.

More and more home owners are heading to specialist showrooms across the country to ensure every part of their home is designed to perfection. With designer ranges becoming more and more popular, you too can make your home look as sleek and stylish as possible.

What are Designer Radiators?

Modern trends show that it’s not enough to simply install a heating system that keeps you warm. Nowadays, homeowners are looking for more; radiators that give the right look to their home instead of the more traditional, unsightly radiators used in the past.

Here at Great Rads, we suggest that you look into the heat output along with the design while selecting a radiator so that it fulfils all your needs, both practically and aesthetically. We offer a perfect combination of utility and attractive designs. There are ample options available to choose from, and for this reason more and more home owners are opting for designer radiators to complete the look of their modern homes.

With radiators designed specifically for each room including the living room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen, conservatory, cloakroom and offices, you’ll be sure to find something to fit your needs at Great Rads.

How to select the ideal radiator for your home

Most home owners want their radiators to look great whilst also doing their job of heating the house very efficiently. At Great Rads, we have many different options available so that you can find something to suit your interior design. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose between them.

As specialists in the radiator industry, we know what you should be looking for when choosing your radiators, and we suggest looking into the following three main elements when making that all important decision:

Heat Output

The amount of heat required is based on various factors of your particular room. This includes the size of the room, whether you have an open fireplace, and the level of insulation, for example if you have double glazing windows in the room. Additionally your choice of home décor can play a key role in the amount of heat needed, for example, French doors can have a significant impact on ambient temperature.

You can make use of a heat output calculator which can help you to know the heat requirement for your room accurately. One can determine the temperature with the help of a British Thermal Unit (BTU) calculator.

Apart from this, capability of your radiator also has an impact on the warmth you acquire in the room. An old and insufficient radiator is possibly incapable to suffice for your needs.

Style Quotient

The look of your radiators is annoyer considerable factor to think about when choosing. You may have a specific home décor and thus need to search for attractive radiators which can match up to your style quotient. In case you face such a situation, you can contact a specialist radiator company like Great Rads who have all the expertise you need regarding radiators. With our expertise, we can guide you well to select an impeccable radiator. We also offer regular sales which will save you from spending exorbitantly high amounts on radiators.

The following are the categories of the styles of radiators we specialise in here at Great Rads:


We have a wide range of radiators which provide you with fashionable cuts and a great look for your home. The main unique selling proposition of a designer radiator is the combination of spectacular design with uniform warmth distribution across the room. Great Rads has a wide array of radiators for you to choose from in terms of designs, material, colour, brand and size, so you can really get something which goes perfectly with the rest of your interior design.

Traditional Radiators

These radiators are more often connected to public buildings, churches because they come in columns and sections.

Towel Radiators

Towel radiators are perfect to be installed in bathrooms and kitchens. They add style to your bathroom and kitchen, whilst also providing a convenient storage place.

Heating System

Every radiator has a different heating process and system installed within it. For instance, open heating systems are not appropriate for all radiators. Some of the often utilised systems are mentioned here:

Fuel Type

Most radiators have a standard central heating system connected to anelectric, gas or oil boiler. This boiler heats the water and circulates heat across the home.

Closed Circuit Heating System

As the name suggests, this is a closed system wherein the water is sealed in the heating system. This water cannot be replaced and continually circulates throughout the room.

Open Circuit Heating System

This system is connected to the main source of water like a borehole and changing the water is almost impossible. Therefore, radiators with open circuit heating system made from stainless steel and aluminium are a popular choice for consumers.

A wide range of electric radiators are also available, especially in conservatories.

Apart from these major elements, one should also look into the amount of wall space that you have in your room. Great Rads offers you alternative radiator options that can easily fit in your room. Budget is yet another important aspect that you should consider. Here at Great Rads, we understand your constraints and recommend an impeccable solution that fits within your budget.

Once you have selected an appropriate radiator from a reputed designer radiator company, it is imperative to search for the correct place to install it. Installing it in the wrong place will hamper its efficiency and you are likely to receive less amount of warmth, not to mention it might not go well with your furniture arrangement. There are specific spots wherein you probably should install radiators in order to get the desired warmth.

It is often preferable to install radiators underneath windows. However, from our experience, we would suggest that it is not the best place. This is because all the heat tends to gather on the top at the ceiling and you are less likely to receive the required heat.

It is instead advisable to take recommendations from professionals at Great Rads, who can suggest an apt location to install your radiator.

One option is to double glaze your glass windows so that you don’t have to deal with a scenario of condensation. Double glazing also restricts outside cold air from entering the room and provides more space for warm air around the corner.

From our recent analysis, we can assure you that there is a huge demand for designer products in the market. We have proposed striking designs to client’s requirements and they have provided us with positive feedback on it. Our range comprises amazing designs which have remarkable attributes.

Attributes of our Range

Limited Edition

Most of our clients prefer limited edition models radiators provided by us, to add that unique, individual and bespoke feel to your interior design.

Apart from a variety in materials, Great Rads offers you the leverage to select the size and colour you would prefer for your radiator. As a designer radiator company, we offer versatile shades like brushed globes, lime green, dark grey, silver, etc, which are apt for your flawless home décor.

Surprise Package

Imagine having a magnificent view of your favourite luxurious sports car at the parking spot of your home. You could quite probably just stare at all day, couldn’t you? Likewise, you will favour installing a radiator which comprises qualities of being elegant, classy and possess the latest functions.

At Great Rads, we offer the best deals of this kind to our customers as well as existing clients. For our clients’ convenience, we offer designer radiator sale wherein our clients can easily search for the best quality option based on their priorities. Style and preferences differ from client to client. Some favour stainless-steel models while others prefer aluminium radiators, but we provide something for everyone.

Achieve what you desire

At Great Rads, we offer more than just radiators, we offer something for everyone, whatever you aim to achieve in your home. With such as diverse choices of radiators in high quality, Great Rads can give you exactly what you are looking for.

Below are some of our most unique and popular choice which you are sure not to find anywhere else. Nature Friendly:

We offer a selected series of radiators which have energy saving elements. If you reside in an area where you have to use radiators for a long duration then it is advisable to purchase a radiator which comprises of this attribute.

You will save yourself from digging a hole in your pocket and not have to pay huge energy bills, whilst also helping with the environment. With technology constantly evolving, it is essential that we use our knowledge to reduce adverse effects on nature.

Humans follow a life cycle, and harming even a single aspect has a large consequential impact on the world around us. Therefore, make particular efforts to select radiators which are nature friendly, avoid using it excessively.

Mirrored Radiators

Mirrors give an artistic look to your home, and can be installed in any room of your house to give an elegant look to it.

However, from our experience we suggest installing them in dark areas such as the staircase or hallway. Clients do also opt to install them in bathrooms to give the room a more spacious look and match other silver and chrome details such as the taps and shower.

Additionally, Great Rads offers you spectacular designs for these radiators such that they do not appear like radiators at all. Instead, they act as a striking piece of artwork for your home.

Horizontal Radiators

The biggest advantage of these radiators is that they are available in almost all the colours imaginable. Stainless steel and mid steel are some of the raw materials that clients often prefer at Great Rads.

The Camino horizontal radiator, Chaucer horizontal radiator, Beaufort horizontal radiator and Columba horizontal radiator are some of the most favoured horizontal styles.

Vertical Radiators

Just like mirrored designer radiators, this radiator also provides a splendid look for your home. Many times, outsiders fail to recognise it as a radiator and mistake it to be a piece of art on display.

They require limited wall space and do not consume the entire area, thereby leaving ample space to walk around and put furniture. In our experience we have found that these radiators are more apt for kitchens as the design fits well with most kitchen designs.

Great Rads offers versatile shades like red on white, clear on black, gold globes, classic white, textured Matt white, etc. The matt finished radiators are one of the most popular as they are highly fashionable and current. There are multiple brackets of price range beginning from under £100 and reaching above £3000. There are also a number of brands from which you can choose.

Aluminium Radiators

This radiator has has gained considerable popularity amongst customers over the last few years. Aluminium is considered to be the sturdiest material of all the materials available for radiators. The highly conducive thermal energy plays a major role in the extensive exposure aluminium designer radiator acquires today. With this, you obtain striking features such as quick warmth across the room, reduced energy bills, and they cool down easily.

Aluminium radiators are easy to install and assure constant heat distribution all over the room.

Mirror aluminium radiators have a spectacular design and therefore offer a stunning look to your home. Great Rads offer a large BTU range 500-999 to 11000-11499. We have great variety in terms of size such as 401-500mm to 1901-2000mm height and 0-300mm to 801-1200mm width. There are several brands which offer aluminium electric radiators.


Cost of Designer Radiators

Since Great Rads have such a diverse range, we have options to suit any budget. You might think style will set you back, but may be surprised by the options available.

Our radiators are designed to suit any budget and run efficiently, so they cost less on an ongoing basis. No matter your price range, ultimately, it all comes down to your style and design requirements and more importantly your budget constraints.

Why Choose Us?

Great Rads has years of experience in the radiator market, which we consider to be our main USP. We also offer a diverse variety of radiators which are adequate to fulfil the unique requirements of our splendid clients.

We have a brilliant series of hand-picked radiators to suit any style, room and budget. Along with these, we have numerous options in terms of raw materials. We offer high quality valves and other accessories that are required for your radiators.

We have quality brands and suppliers under our wings to give you a vast number of selections to choose from. With our professionalism and expertise we have secured a reputed position in the industry, we are counted amongst the fastest growing radiator distributers across the United Kingdom.

Here at Great Rads, we are not only a radiator provider, but are also proud to provide excellent customer service to all of our highly valued clients. We strive to provide our clients with the service that we would prefer ourselves, if the roles were reversed. We offer free delivery to all clients irrespective of where they reside in the UK.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate and get in touch with us You can drop an e-mail on: enquiries@greatrads.co.uk. You can call us on: 01803 450330.

Happy Heating!!!